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  1. Information for Monarch owners: EasyMiner support added

    We have released EasyMiner compatible with Monarchs. Those who are not familiar with EasyMiner will find this software from BFL provides a more friendly, easy and graphical interface to operate your miner. The underlying engine is still BFGMiner. Due to a change in the firmware of Monarchs shipped in April 2015 and later there are versions for Monarchs with older and newer firmware. Please see Drivers | Butterfly Labs for the software.

    Please note the software compatibility mentioned ...
  2. Update on Status of Current Operations: Refunds 4/15/15

    Paying refunds in USD for requests from August 6, 2014:
    We are currently paying refunds requests from August 6, 2014 in USD. As customers with older requests provide their missing banking information we go back and pay those requests.

    In March we paid 830 customers with a total refund request of $1,000 and lower and now only have larger requests pending. When we were paying requests in bitcoin we were refunding requests from August and September but since switching to USD we’ve ...
    Customer Service
  3. Update on Status of Current Operations: 3/31/2015

    Refunds - All $1,000 and lower refunds paid
    As previously explained in our March 6 email to customers, to get refunds to the maximum number of customers as quickly as possible, in early March we started refunding requests of $1,000 and lower first. We completed that effort in March with over 830 such customers getting their refunds. We are now back to processing the remaining refund requests. With larger refund requests we will not be able to move through the remainder of the queue at the ...

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    Customer Service
  4. Update on Status of Current Operations: Refunds 2/6/15

    Pre-orders of Monarchs and Cloud Mining:
    All pre-order customers are able to get their Cloud Mining activated or Monarchs shipped (with value offers to receive more hashing than they originally ordered). Check your dashboard if you've missed our emails!

    Paying refunds in BTC; USD payments to start soon:
    Since the end of December we have been processing and paying refunds requested in August and September in bitcoin. Once we start USD refunds later in February we ...
  5. Shipping Update--Friday, January 23, 2015

    Cloud Mining: Complete, all Cloud Mining customers have activated or have been invited to activate (orders through July 2014)

    Monarch shipping: We are shipping orders from August 17 through the end of the queue in July 2014 when pre-orders closed.
    We have now sent offers to every processing order in our queue and offered them an increased hardware allowance on their order. We are filling orders as soon as we get your choice of the options we presented.


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    Shipping Updates , Customer Service
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